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Bil Jac is a brand of dog food.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everyone in upper management has left the company. Poor decision making by President who is the only decision-maker. Turnover is very high. No communication amongst peers. Sales continue to plummet in the product line. Only in one national retailer. No new products in the pipeline."

Former Employee - Territory Manager says

"Unrealistic goals, they track you via the company cell phone and analyze down to the minute. This info is used against you. Direction changes daily by a president that needs to retire. 10 to 12 hour workdays are the norm. When I was hired, they inquired if working a couple of Saturdays per month would be a problem. What they meant to say is that you are required to work every Saturday and Sunday, every holiday included. You are expected to be available on your days off (Mon/Tues) for corporate conference calls and one on on calls with your manager. No work/life balance. I have never been talked to/emails the way that they did. Threatening and degrading me and putting me on performance improvement plan for missing a call on my day off. It was a nightmare working for them and everyone is looking to leave."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"0 Marketing Support Company culture and ideals are stuck in the 1960s. With such an amazing product line ups for all age dogs BilJac out rite refuses to market in traditional or social media platforms of any type. Sales goals are absolutely unrealistic and the brand is hardly know outside the upper mid west even after 70 years. Average tenure of a Territory Manager is 2 years before moving on."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No vision, poor communication on all fronts, upper mangement does not accept any ideas or suggestions from anyone in company. All decisions made by president of company only."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of training, technology, and market knowledge. Compensation package is mediocre at best. Culture is intimidating and teamwork is not a value that's encouraged. Unpaid holidays, written up for working overtime. A culture of distrust."

Former Employee - Territory Sales Representative says

"They track you. Company does not trust their employees."

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great product and fun job. Tons of freedom/independence with this job. However, company lacks focus. The management they hire is on a continual misision to catch employees breaking rules.. regardless of how well their territory is doing. When hired I was offered a specific salary and bonus structure. Once I started working the bonuses were eliminated and I never made the salary I was promised despite number of hours I put in. Company feels desperate as if they are becoming less relevant every day. They change sales focus every 2-3 months to try and improve sale but all it does is sets the sales team back. Owner refuses to advertise so selling the product to a customer used to well known/talked about products can be a challenge. Great product but if they don’t change management ASAP the company will fade away."

Western Regional Sales Manager and previously TSM (Former Employee) says

"Leading 11 sales managers to achieve their sales goal and make them better at their jobs via team conference calls, working out in the field, one-on-one calls and conducting performance reviews. My team was the best at what they did especially when compared to our competitors - they could sell better, educate better and coach better in all phases of the job. I learned over the years how to handle each person differently from one another and there wasn't always a "silver bullet" solution for all territories or managers. I loved my managers and took a personal interest not only in their job development but their personal lives. Working with my team out in the field was my favorite part of my job and seeing them in action. The biggest challenge was managing across a few different time zones and coordinating the proper travel schedules without causing myself burnout which I occasionally did usually for the greater good of the company.Autonomy to grow the business with the budget that was assigned, support from all levels of management, makes the best dog food on the market, word of mouth advertising, best people to work with and for, was treated like part of the familyInternet presence can be better"

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awesome food for your pets. I will always feed my dog BilJac. Terrible place to work. They do not trust their employees and you are monitored daily on your cell phone. All this cell phone data is analyzed down to the minute. You have to work holidays and all weekends. The days are long averaging 10 hours a day. You are expected to stand in the pet food aisles and sell bags of food to customers. You are graded on how many bags you sell. The management operates like it's 1960. The management needs to retire and bring in fresh prospective. They manage by threats and putting employees on performance improvement plans for the smallest violations. You are also expected to manage brand ambassadors who do not work for you or BilJac. It's like herding kittens. You are also graded on this. The territories are very geographically large making it nearly impossible to make a difference. Management direction changes daily and employee turnover is very high. The only enjoyable part of this job is being around animals.great dog foodthreat based management"